Circulogic’s intention is to be more than just a consultant. Learn more about our services.


We are constantly seeking out opportunities where we can help sectors, organisations and supply chains implement Resource Efficient practices. Where appropriate we will do this by setting up and facilitating direct service delivery.

Our first service offering follows a successful application to Zero Waste Scotland's Circular Economy Investment Fund in 2017. With a focus on reuse, collaborative working and social enterprise, this project will prototype a suite of 'circular' products. Utilising 3D printing, repurposed and recycled feedstocks our innovative products are designed to encourage health and fitness, creative play and life outdoors - thereby delivering a 'Wellbeing Economy'.   

garage2green is a dedicated golf club take-back and reuse service. Our mission is to give new life to your unwanted golf clubs, ensuring valuable resources don't go to waste.

Be part of the green golf revolution ...... declutter that putter and do your bit for the environment.

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