Calculating the carbon benefits of golf club reuse



Circulogic is delighted to have had the opportunity to work with leading UK golf retailer, golfcubs4cash, during 2022 quantifying the carbon benefits of their reuse-based business. Using a bespoke model developed originally as part of the garage2green pilot scheme we have estimated savings in excess of 3,300 tCO2e over a 9-month period (Jan'22 - Sep'22). 


Circulogic's model has been built specifically for this application and embeds data derived from many hours spent sorting and recording the composition of recovered clubs. The model has been tailored to golfclubs4cash's operations by adapting it for the 3 main channels by which preloved golf clubs are received:


1. Through 'trade-in' events run throughout the UK at local golf courses in collaboration with pro shops

2. Through customers bringing their clubs directly to one of the company's two stores (in Edinburgh and Warrington)

3. Through online (postal) transactions


The model is updated on a quarterly basis, resulting in population of a carbon dashboard for the business. As with any carbon model assumptions are needed, advises Geoff Sampson, Circulogic Director, but our aim is to be as transparent as possible and refine the approach over time. By working in partnership we have been able to populate the model with real business data, resulting in what we believe is the most accurate approach currently available to assessing the benefits of reuse within the golf equipment sector. "It's great to be working with a business like golfclubs4cash delivering reuse at scale and using the outputs to help raise the profile of sustainability within golf".      


Check out the golfclubs4cash Sustainability page here.  





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